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When facing the end, and the last resource is no more than a company of soldiers.

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About FallNation

Is An Action-RPG video game combined with a worldmap roaming game where you command an army of soldiers and try to avoid the end of the times, in the continent of Kamau.

FallNation is and action game where you will lead a party of soldiers in a free explorations world infested and collapsing into the total maiden, right now your mission is clear, find resources gather and army, and finish the great project you were entrusted to, and remember the clocks are ticking so, be fast!

In this world you will need to explore and fight in a hand to hand basis, so you will have to lead your soldiers into the battle in a FPS, you will able to deploy traps an defenses and lead your soldiers with the tactical view. Be ready it won’t be easy huge hordes are awaiting you! 

World exploration and roaming 100%
FPS Action 90%
Adventure 84%
RPG 80%
Tactics 60%
Strategy 45%
Army management 70%

After a campaign

Monsters eliminated
Soldiers defeated
0 %
Success Rate